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Toad People Villager

One thing I have learned in my travels is that creatures generally share the same motivations everywhere. For example, In the deep mangrove swamps live toadpeople. Even among the toadpeople, fashion is important. And in this swamp, the well-dressed lady toadperson would never leave her burrow without a pet frog on her head. Now we might think this is silly, but it is irresistible to the male toadperson. In fact, if you were a male toadperson seeing this, I assure you that you would be filled with the desire to fertalize her egg clutch right now. But first you would have to engage in appropriate courtship rituals to win her liver (the organ where toadpeople believe love resides). Perhaps a gift of jellied fish morsels and a bouquet of flowering swamp grass would be a good start.

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