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Artist Bio: I am a mixed media digital artist.  That means that I work with pixels from a variety of original sources that I create; including digital photographs, 3d digital assets, and manual digital painting, etc. I attempt to represent the human desire to be open to the possibility of the impossible. 


Most of my work falls into the school of magic realism even though my work is often described as surrealistic. Magic realism differs slightly from surrealism because the images are deliberately planned and result from conscious thought and a deliberate use of symbolism, rather than dream inspiration.  I typically work with intricate, realistic subjects and then turn the magic dial up to create something fresh that invokes a sense of wonder and discovery.

I came to be an artist later in life. For the joy it brings to me and others I am forever grateful. Pixels are my medium, and a camera, Photoshop, and drawing pad are my tools. My work ranges the spectrum from pure photography, to composite images, to pure digital painting.

I have have participated in solo and group art shows in local galleries and exhibits.  I am vice president of the Fremont Photographic Society, and I am the Chairperson for the Fremont Cultural Arts Counsel Annual Juried Photography Show. 

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